Monday, November 10, 2008

Full Circle

It's funny- the path you find your life on, sometimes seems to circle back onto itself. This photo was taken of me on a warm spring day in 1995 (published in the Columbus Dispatch). I was a senior at the Columbus College of Art & Design at the time- and more than just a little uncertain of what the future held in store for me- where I would go- what I would do in my life

The core of the philosophy that has helped guide and carry me through the murky periods, has always been a simple one- "Follow your heart." It has been this mantra that has helped bring me to the threshold of this exciting new chapter. 

It is with great enthusiasm, that I embark on the next segment of my journey as an artist. I hope to capture some small part of the spirit of the southwest in my paintings and share my thoughts with you as I go. I look forward to hearing from you. -Tom


Camille LaRue Olsen said...

"Follow your heart." That is a great one and as much as I think I do that, it never hurts to be reminded. Thanks.

Tom Pohlman said...

Thanks Camille- as simplistic as the idea is, it sure can be a challenge to stick to when the world seems hell-bent on throwing obstacles in your path! It is a comfort to have a kind of "guiding star" to keep your sights on & bearings straight when navigating all of the canyons and rocky crags ;>)