Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am one with the GOOSE!

Duck, Duck, Duck...GOOSE! My friend r garriott tagged me to list seven unusual things about myself, and tag seven more artists that I follow and admire. As an emerging artist, this simple idea really makes me feel like the odd-one-out. What I mean to say is, everyone I have been following, I would consider Ducks! No... I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense either! The artists I have been following are what I strive to be. They are uber-talented, well spoken and hard working established artists, who have no doubt been tagged a thousand times before. Going forward, I will make a promise to myself to seek out some of the equally-talented, lesser known peers, to keep the true objective of this good idea going :>) Without FURTHER delay...

Here is my list of seven "unusual" things about me (that stay within the boundries of good taste):

1) From what I creative career began at Easter when I was 4 or 5. I recall being "schooled" by my older cousins, who's crayon-on-construction-paper egg design skills were CLEARLY superior to mine. Since then, I have grown numb to being routinely schooled :>)

2) My first commissioned work was for someone who is probably an agent (or a convict) now. Roy Selby sold my cartoon drawings in third grade for nickels and dimes- we split the profits. It turns out his mom was buying them. Our business relationship ended when Roy took me hostage in the coat closet- arm around my neck, a very sharp pencil poking through my sweater into my chest- threatening to take me out if anyone came near. Good times (Strangely like working in an Ad Agency).

3) I believe that there is a direct correlation between the teams I take interest in and "losing".

4) I have developed an anxiety about speaking to large audiences (But I don't have a problem acting like a clown in front of them!) 

5) I did not take art classes throughout high school- had enrolled in the University of Toledo's law school (to become a paralegal assistant) ...yikes! All of this was before I decided to follow my heart/gut and choose art over a steady income. Maybe the second best decision I ever made :>)

6) I have a clinically untested theory about the human social paradigm, loosely rooted in the idea that there is "one in every group", wanna here it??? 

7) I fear my children will be exactly like me :>)

And my 7 favorite artists blogging today are (The usual suspects & in no particular order):


Douglas Hoover said...

Tom! I believe we are in good company. I just found out I've been tagged as well by R.Garriott. #5 is great "follow my heart/gut and choose art over a steady income". It's amazing how fast we can grow wings when we follow our instincts... or pushed out the door! Happy Thanksgiving... I'll be back.

Tom Pohlman said...

Thanks Douglas! It has been wonderful discovering birds of the feather. Just keep "flapping"...

Happy Thanksgiving to you!

r garriott said...

Hey!! I resemble that comment! Glad you guys have 'met'.

Tom, great list. Sinced you tagged me back I guess I have to come up with 7 more things?

And yes, I'm game to hear more about #6 (you have a clinically untested theory about the human social paradigm, loosely rooted in the idea that there is "one in every group", wanna hear it???)

Tom Pohlman said...

Hey there R- I would say you have paid your dues on the list, but if you really want to...knock yourself out! :>)

#6) The symphonic human dynamic (aka- One in every bunch) goes something like this... (remember- you asked for it! ha ha) I think people exhibit different personality characteristics on a "need" basis- for any given set of socio dynamics. Everyone represents a note, and depending on the music that is being played in the room, the note that one person plays can change to fill a "need" in a given situation. You may be a soft spoken introvert, but in a small group in need of direction- you become a vocal leader -OR- in some instances you play the devil's advocate to bring balance to a discussion. You may have certain tendencies to play "natural" or "sharp" notes- but if the music calls for a "flat" note- you make an adjustment. I don't know how deep you really want to go with the metaphor, but you get the general idea. That's the first time I've ever tried to put down on paper. The whole thing was brought about by a Myers-Briggs self evaluation I had to take in a corporate environment- which I felt was more of a fun novelty- than a true representation of how people act in a group setting. What do YOU think?!