Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rt. 66_Storms Over Edgewood

I have been experimenting with using a medium in my latest oil paintings, which produces a lovely/buttery consistency. It also produces some extended drying time and an unfortunate glare when attempting to take a decent photograph of it.

So, while the paint dries on my latest piece "The Sienna Queen of Frost Road Ranch" (How's that for a tease?!) ... I thought I might introduce a painting to you I did earlier in the summer (monsoon season)- and to a theme that I hope to be an ongoing one, here in my Southwest paintings; Scenes from Rt. 66. I would love to capture the spirit of the REAL Rt. 66 as it exists today. Exploring the New Mexican segment of the "Mother Road", I can see thousands of stories from a bygone era- open up to me. Prosperity and broken dreams, transformation and evolution, a microcosm of our country's recent history. There is also the subtle crackle of excitement- as the seeds of adventure have been sewn along this road for decades- like so many of  the wild sunflowers that perennially spring up.

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Jeb said...

Ok, this one is my favorite! I love the sky!