Sunday, December 28, 2008

Dusty Sunset

Over the next couple of weeks, I will be releasing 4 paintings that were previously held aside for the Empire Ranch Foundation show (there were only 100 accepted).


Sheila said...

Hi Tom, so nice of you to drop by my rookie blog. I love this painting because I'm amazed how much depth and detail you were able to put on such a small canvas. I was sure it was at least double that size. You are amazing.

PS Cops get to retire early (50) if they want because of the toll it has on them physically and mentally. If I appear to be physically fine, it must have affected me mentally! Just kidding, I loved my work when it came to helping folks. hugs!

r garriott said...

Hi tom! Happy New Year! Great painting, as always. I look forward to seeing you new work in the coming year! Happy painting!

Tom Pohlman said...

Thanks Sheila! I look forward to seeing what you come up with as a fellow emerger too! :>)

R!!! A very happy new year to you too!!! In addition to continued success with your own work, I wish you the very best and hope the new year brings many good things for you and your loved ones! -Tom