Saturday, November 29, 2008

Cold Mountain Trucking

It takes a lot to supplant a mountain, but the mass, weight and attitude of this hunk of cold-steel diesel— attended by its driver, make it feel like they have imposed their own will on the San Pedro's/South Mtn.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I am one with the GOOSE!

Duck, Duck, Duck...GOOSE! My friend r garriott tagged me to list seven unusual things about myself, and tag seven more artists that I follow and admire. As an emerging artist, this simple idea really makes me feel like the odd-one-out. What I mean to say is, everyone I have been following, I would consider Ducks! No... I guess that doesn't make a lot of sense either! The artists I have been following are what I strive to be. They are uber-talented, well spoken and hard working established artists, who have no doubt been tagged a thousand times before. Going forward, I will make a promise to myself to seek out some of the equally-talented, lesser known peers, to keep the true objective of this good idea going :>) Without FURTHER delay...

Here is my list of seven "unusual" things about me (that stay within the boundries of good taste):

1) From what I creative career began at Easter when I was 4 or 5. I recall being "schooled" by my older cousins, who's crayon-on-construction-paper egg design skills were CLEARLY superior to mine. Since then, I have grown numb to being routinely schooled :>)

2) My first commissioned work was for someone who is probably an agent (or a convict) now. Roy Selby sold my cartoon drawings in third grade for nickels and dimes- we split the profits. It turns out his mom was buying them. Our business relationship ended when Roy took me hostage in the coat closet- arm around my neck, a very sharp pencil poking through my sweater into my chest- threatening to take me out if anyone came near. Good times (Strangely like working in an Ad Agency).

3) I believe that there is a direct correlation between the teams I take interest in and "losing".

4) I have developed an anxiety about speaking to large audiences (But I don't have a problem acting like a clown in front of them!) 

5) I did not take art classes throughout high school- had enrolled in the University of Toledo's law school (to become a paralegal assistant) ...yikes! All of this was before I decided to follow my heart/gut and choose art over a steady income. Maybe the second best decision I ever made :>)

6) I have a clinically untested theory about the human social paradigm, loosely rooted in the idea that there is "one in every group", wanna here it??? 

7) I fear my children will be exactly like me :>)

And my 7 favorite artists blogging today are (The usual suspects & in no particular order):

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Into Albuquerque — SOLD

I am infatuated with how wide-open everything looks and feels here in New Mexico. The sky vaults over your head in an amazing way! I was struck by this motorcyclist (no- not literally), heading into a passage of light, just as you round the last corner of the Sandia mountain pass on Rt. 40, heading into Albuquerque (which replaced Rt. 66). The contrast in scale between him and the sky, and the impression of heat and asphalt really capture the essence of the road trip experience here in the southwest.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rt. 66_Storms Over Edgewood

I have been experimenting with using a medium in my latest oil paintings, which produces a lovely/buttery consistency. It also produces some extended drying time and an unfortunate glare when attempting to take a decent photograph of it.

So, while the paint dries on my latest piece "The Sienna Queen of Frost Road Ranch" (How's that for a tease?!) ... I thought I might introduce a painting to you I did earlier in the summer (monsoon season)- and to a theme that I hope to be an ongoing one, here in my Southwest paintings; Scenes from Rt. 66. I would love to capture the spirit of the REAL Rt. 66 as it exists today. Exploring the New Mexican segment of the "Mother Road", I can see thousands of stories from a bygone era- open up to me. Prosperity and broken dreams, transformation and evolution, a microcosm of our country's recent history. There is also the subtle crackle of excitement- as the seeds of adventure have been sewn along this road for decades- like so many of  the wild sunflowers that perennially spring up.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Monday, November 10, 2008

Empire Ranch Foundation Show (Paintings on hold)

The five paintings above, are being submitted to the Empire Ranch Foundations'- Art Show (In Tucson, AZ). A friend mentioned that my western themed paintings might be appropriate for the show- which benefits the foundation. The jury will accept 100 entries- but only three from any one artist. I tried to vary the subject matter to improve my odds of acceptance. 

They are all Oil. The Vertical formatted paintings are 5" x 7", and the square format is 6" x 6". The last one "The Lariat" is fresh off the Pochade box (excuse the glare).

I will keep you updated on what makes it in, and what doesn't. Wish me luck!

PS: Here is a link to the foundation.

Full Circle

It's funny- the path you find your life on, sometimes seems to circle back onto itself. This photo was taken of me on a warm spring day in 1995 (published in the Columbus Dispatch). I was a senior at the Columbus College of Art & Design at the time- and more than just a little uncertain of what the future held in store for me- where I would go- what I would do in my life

The core of the philosophy that has helped guide and carry me through the murky periods, has always been a simple one- "Follow your heart." It has been this mantra that has helped bring me to the threshold of this exciting new chapter. 

It is with great enthusiasm, that I embark on the next segment of my journey as an artist. I hope to capture some small part of the spirit of the southwest in my paintings and share my thoughts with you as I go. I look forward to hearing from you. -Tom