Sunday, January 11, 2009



JMahorney said...

Beauitful spots of color. His eye is perfect. I'm very happy to have found youur blog. :)

Tom Pohlman said...

Jeff! Welcome back from Thailand!! Your blog was one of the first that I started following when I was contemplating jumping into the blogsphere (Thank you).

I see you have a Mazzy also! If you scroll down the page a bit- I posted a painting I belted out for my wife (christmas gift).

Happy painting to you in 09'- Tom

Douglas Hoover said...

Tom, Your colors in this one are great and of course your brushstrokes are amazing! You know, this is kind of strange but this is the third longhorn I've seen today... it's a sign.

Tom Pohlman said...

Douglas! All I did was follow your lead about the "signs", and here is what I came up with... In Chinese astrology, this is the year of the "Ox", which is an Earth sign:

土 Earth
Three Enclosures, Change of seasons
The Yellow Dragon(黄龙)
The Planet Saturn(土星)

The Color Yellow(意)

Digestive system, Spleen(脾) and stomach(胃)
Powerful, Wise, Patient, Militaristic, Prideful, Prudent, Stable, Reliable, Hard-working, Ambitious, Stubborn, Seeks to Conquer
Disciplined, Rigid, Controlling, Tenacious, Logical, Governed by Service and Duty to Others
Earth Governs Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. It is the central balance of the elements and can lend qualities to all 12 animals as well.

There ya' go, Ox's, some Earth, and the color Yellow...who knew?!!! :>)

Sheila said...

So you probably were Asian in a past life Tom? Love the unique composition of your beast. I always learn something viewing your work.

Tom Pohlman said...

You know Sheila... our great grandparents were probably old friends somewhere along the way :>) I am flattered if you glean anything from my work (from my end, the whole process is kind of a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of endeavor)- I really feel like more of a student myself (thank you). You know you're probably doing something right if every painting leaves you exhausted. I camethisclose to wiping the whole painting down and doing something completely different! -T

sam said...

lovely style you have there Tom:-)

Sheila said...

Wow.. regarding the comment before me, I'm impressed you've received a bovine based compliment. Thanks for the encouragement Tom on DSFDF but I have insider information that the next challenge might involve the Empire State building covered with tartan plaid bobbing in the Atlantic.

Tom Pohlman said...

Thank you very much Sam!!!

Sheila- Why are you trying to hurt me?! ha ha
I admire your stick-to-itness with this particular challenge. Your struggles reminded me of a still life painting I had started of a Patron bottle with some limes/shot glasses, a rope and some pottery- I had to wipe it down twice and ultimately walk away from it! It didn't help that the Tequila and shot glass kept "moving" :>)

Sheila said...

I might have to try that Patron still life just for the "experience". Yeah... that's the ticket, the experience. :o)

Tom Pohlman said...

You know about the artists credo...If you want to paint an apple- you should eat an apple?!!! :>)

Angela Elledge said...

Hi Tom,
I just discovered your blog through DSDF with the recent portrait exchange and wanted to comment then, but time got away from me.I love longhorns and am always amazed at how elegant they are when they swing or move their head. Your beautiful painting definitely shows that movement. I, too, am happy to have found your blog.

Tom Pohlman said...

Nice to meet you Angela! I was just looking/admiring YOUR lovely bovine work- very nice! Do you have ranches nearby to get your reference? It's a little strange here in New Mexico- I am surrounded by ranches- but I rarely get to see the cattle out and about (or if I do- they are out of photo range). I always take my camera with me- just hoping I'll get lucky. Happy painting to you! -Tom

Angela Elledge said...

Tom, thanks for visiting my site and your kind encouragement.

I have learned that "cow people" love their livestock and are more than happy to show you their ranch or farm and talk your head off about their babies. In addition to the ranches and farms nearby, Ft. Worth has an annual stock show where the longhorns are paraded through town and are accessible, along with other livestock, in the stockyards for about a month.

Last summer I called a rancher that I had read about in SW Louisiana and I asked if I could come and take some pictures...3 hours and 600 photos later, we left with frozen longhorn steaks!

I have a commission to paint of a longhorn, but am waiting for the client to decide if they want Chocolate or Marshmallow painted. Can you imagine, longhorns for pets? After photographing their small herd, we went inside and while visiting about their painting, the longhorns were walking around their house and looking in the open windows, just checking us out.

If there are some reference shots you are looking for, let me know and I'll be happy to share some photos with you.

Tom Pohlman said...

What a warm & wonderful person you are Angela! Thank you for sharing your experience with me and offering to share your photos! You have given me some good ideas for obtaining reference material (and maybe, if I'm lucky, some good stories will come from it)! I think it's the stories behind the art that add that special something. Good luck with Chocolate or Marshmallow (I can't wait to see which one they choose)! :>)