Monday, January 26, 2009

Virtual Valentines

I used to love getting Valentines Day cards out of my home-made/decorated shoe box. Even though they were always from the kids in your own classroom, it was still fun to give and receive. That was my crude segue >>>  I am flattered to have been tagged by my new friend Carol Horzempa. Carol may be new to the DSFDF blog, but she is not new to creating some really fantastic work! Her painting from the Portrait series was just whetting our appetite for things to come! I was tagged a couple of months ago by my friend RGarriott- so I will just list seven other wonderful artists I have discovered recently, and refer you to my earlier post regarding the "seven unusual things" about me if you reaaally want to go there :>)

Here are seven more artists you're going to LOVE:



Beth said...

Thank you Tom, for including me in your list. I saw you are a "follower" of mine. Wow!! It seems so funny to have 'followers'. Very flattering. I wish I had more time to spend on the computer, so I had more cruising time to reach out and follow more people. I am working on it day by day. Its just so tough to find the time. But slowly, the time is showing up, bit by bit. I think I am impatient, which paradoxially works against me. So if I really want it, I really have to work it. Thanks again.

Douglas Hoover said...

Tom, bless you for thinking of me... you rascal-(I never get to use that word enough). R. Garriott tagged me last year but I never got around to posting. So, now I will. Thanks, man... you rock! ~D.

r garriott said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for getting Doug to post-- I'm sure his list will be fun. I had to stop myself from peeking at your DSFDF as I haven't started mine yet-- but I'm sure it's cool.

I've been staying way too busy writing up photoshop tips (inspired by the many at DSFDF that had trouble photographing the last assigment). Would be honored if you took a look and had an idea on anything I'm missing.

Carol Horzempa said...

My gosh Tom! I was so surprised to see my name on your blog and those nice comments about my work and coming from you! I am honored!

Your latest submission to DSFDF is really great! Love the Vincent Price and Nevermore idea. Now I have to face my blank canvas.