Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Passion for Painting Award

The wonderful Mr. Edward Burton nudged me the other day and told me to check out his blog, where he has listed me among some other pretty fantastic artists for "A Passion for Painting" Award. Edward is a great artist and friend to his fellow artist. Thank you Edward! If you haven't seen Edward's latest submission for the DSFDF blog, or just need some UV exposure, make sure you check him out!

Dually noted! I just found another nomination in my "Comment Moderation"- The wonderful Akiko Watanabe listed me as one of her 7. If you have not seen Akiko's work, it's a MUST SEE!

The Award comes with some cross-pollination/pay-it-forward dues, so here'r the rules: 
• List 7 things you love
• Put a link to the one who picked you
• Choose 7 others to pass the award to
• Notify them of the award

The current loves of my life:
1 & 2) are 2 & 7  (My two boys are everything to me)  :>)
3) Sunday hikes in the Mountains/Desert
4) Yoga Sutra's (I've been listening to an 85 segment series on YouTube)
5) Raisin Bran
6) Red Wine (Been into Smoking Loon- Merlot lately...but not right at the moment!)
7) Tequila (Patron) - 6&7 are equal, but totally independent loves  :>)

...and MY love also extends to these 7 wonderful artists who have all inspired me in some way over the recent months (in no particular order)...
Dean H

(I know I have listed 10- hey, rules are made to be broken)


Marian Fortunati said...

Hey Tom!! I'm honored!! Silly as these things are, they are so nice!!
THANK YOU very much... Since I've just posted regarding getting this award from two other terrific painters I won't relist everything, but I WILL send any folks silly enough to stumble my way to YOUR blog!! ;o>

In a few days I'll post again...

In the meantime... Thanks again and BE WELL!!

r garriott said...

A wonderful list of loves. (I must admit the raisin bran throws me.) You're a lucky guy to have these great friends!

It's also great to see you posting again.

Sheila said...

Great list Tom! You're sure an eclectic guy...from Yoga Sutra to Merlot to Patron. I think you should have a new tag of "Eclectic Cowboy".

Edward Burton said...

You're welcome, Tom, and thank you for your very kind comments. What a great list you have AND you chose an excellent group of artists.
Humm..."the Eclectic Cowboy"...

Dean H. said...

Thank you, Tom, for including my name among the very talented ten that you chose to honor with the Passion for Painting award.

I just posted this award on Mar.24th.
I don't think I should put up another list so soon. But I do greatly appreciate being chosen by you!

Jeb said...

Thanks Tom. I appreciate the kind words. I've never won a blog award.....I feel so honored. The pressure is on now.

L.Holm said...

Congrats and Thanks so much, Tom! Am honored. Glad to see the red wine/patron got equal billing!

Angela Elledge said...

Hi Tom! THANK YOU for the ppa award; since i've just recently accepted and posted my list of 7, I will definitely send people your way...I don't get raisin bran either, but I do get tequila and red wine! :)