Thursday, April 23, 2009

So Long Big Mac... Hullo Mac Mini

Just wanted to let everyone know my computer died early- last week (power outage/surge victim). I have been scrambling to acquire a replacement and get back online! My G4 was 10yrs old & served me very well. I would have loved to replace it with a new tower, but my budget ($0) would only allow for a Mac Mini! It's about the size of a potholder (on steroids). I am happy to say that it is faster than my old computer, but sad to say that it has left my peripherals in the dust. I have been spending my days trying to find cords and converters! This has been the only downside to digital photography that I have encountered.

I have a new painting in cryostasis (in the freezer) "Octopus Car Wash"—  until I can retrieve my reference photo! I tried to photo-document my "process" while working on this painting- although Im not sure it will translate that well because of the small subject matter. I will promise to do another photo-documentation when my inspiration includes a larger subject, which should be a better match for illustration purposes. See y'all soon


L.Holm said...

Darn! Sorry about your G4. Glad your back in action, though! It does take a while to recompile/reload everything. (at least it does for me). I live in fear of my G4's demise. Love your description of the mini! :-)

Sheila said...

Maybe we all can pitch in and send a care package of cords and what not to ya.

I'm glad you're still hanging in there despite the challenges that you're encountering. Can you get someone to transfer the data for you?

Tom Pohlman said...

Liz- Back it up quick!- preferably to something with a firewire 800 configuration (or USB)!

Sheila- Problem solved! Apparently there is a new kind of firewire (800) that computers come equipped with- and there are no converters for the old firewire...hmmm?!!! I had the Geek Squad transfer my files onto a 1 Terra Byte drive (iomega). I have my reference photos back!!! Yeah!

Thanks for the Cord Care Package initiative! :>)

artbyakiko said...

Nice to see you, Tom. I'm sorry about your computer. I know how terrible it is to lose computer. Glad to hear that you now have your reference photos back. :)

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Having your computer die is soooo traumatic, I'm so sorry. But it sounds like you're getting back on track, glad to see that!