Sunday, May 24, 2009

Shield Your Eyes... It's Obscene (Complete!)

Well~ it's done! Don't you hate it when you start a painting and "things" happen that get in the way of completing it?!!! A LOT of things have gotten in the way here lately, but I am happy to say the clouds have parted for now, and I can finally move on to bigger and better things (or OTHER things at the very least) :>) I will post a better shot in the next day or so and fill you in on some exciting news that is developing... until then, take care and I'll be around to visit real soon (I have some serious catching up to do with everyone!!!)

I know, I know- I know what you're thinking... but believe it or not, THIS is how most of my paintings actually start out- with OBSCENE chroma!!! This becomes much more painfully obvious to the eye at a larger scale (24" x 48") than my normal 5 x 7 or 6 x 6 studies. I like making the underpainting scream- and then quickly cover it up with much calmer color notes- but leaving just enough peak through, to let you know that there is something pulsing just below the surface! It's like Lebowski's rug... "it really ties the room together" so to speak.

If you scroll pretty far down my blog page- you can see my first crack at this painting. I have always wanted to do this particular painting justice- the entire reason for doing it was to impress the viewer with the sheer volume of sky that exists here in New Mexico... at 5 x 7 it was a little underwhelming. But NOW... if you can envision the crushing weight of blue sky as it archs overhead, and ginormous columns of clouds towering above this biker... I think you can start to see where I'm going with this!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Abo Walk — NFS

A belated Happy Mothers Day to my mom and to mom's everywhere!

Monday, May 4, 2009

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