Monday, June 15, 2009

Into Albuquerque

After many starts, stops & long pauses~ I finally completed the large version of this painting! I spent some time trying to recreate the spontaneity of the smaller version, which proved to be challenging for a myriad of reasons. I want to apologize for the fish-eye effect of the photo (the painting/border is perfectly square :>). Im not used to photographing anything this big! I leaned it against the wall outside to shoot, and tried to square-it in the frame while shooting (oops!) To be honest- it has been really windy lately and I was more concerned about preventing a giant gust from catching a very wet painting and flopping it face-first onto the gravel/dirt!

First~ Because of the larger size, I switched from painting on smooth Gessoboard, to Canvas. After a year of working almost exclusively on Gessoboard, it was interesting to note the difference in the way the paint covered the surface (it took more work & paint to cover ground). I mentioned on the previous post that I was fighting the urge to blend because of this (as opposed to strokes of color).

Second~ I used the biggest brush in my arsenal to block in the majority of the painting (#22 Bright). I experimented with some 1.5" & 2" paint brushes from the local hardware store, but found they didn't give me the control I was looking for. I think I'm becoming a brush snob!

I mentioned in the previous post that I had some big news... My inspiration for (re)doing this piece came in an email from my sister about a month ago. As of June 21st, she is starting a new job~ planning, coordinating & recruiting for an upstart Artist Studio/Gallery near Toledo, Ohio~ The New El Rancho/Center for the Arts! She asked if I would mind sending her some work to use as a studio/gallery model to help generate interest/excitement for the possibilities of this new space. I was/am THRILLED to help her out!!! As I have spent the last year getting my "painting-legs" under me, I have always had the goal of getting enough work together to approach a gallery. My small studies have served as a vehicle to get me up and running in a short amount of time- they are perfect for viewing online, however~ they do not command attention from a distance... So walla! Hopefully this generates enough interest to get people to come take a closer look :>)